Recycling in Northern Kentucky

Helpful Recycling Tips

Recycle to make a difference! Discover easy and impactful recycling tips that keep our community clean and place an importance on reusing our natural resources. Start by separating paper, glass, plastic, and metal items at home. Remember, clean and dry recyclables ensure efficient recycling. Reduce single-use plastic by opting for reusable bags and bottles. Don’t forget to recycle electronics at designated centers to prevent e-waste pollution. Repurpose items creatively; your old jars can become stylish storage solutions! Educate others by sharing these tips. Together, let’s build a sustainable future. Act now, because every small effort adds up! Embrace eco-friendly living and be a recycling hero!

Upcoming Recycling Events

Monthly Recycling

Campbell County

Campbell County offers six convenient blue bin locations for residents to drop-off their common household recyclables.

Tips: Only put acceptable materials in the specified bins. If it is not listed it is then considered trash. Break down all cardboard

Kenton County Recycling —The monthly Open Dump has been cancelled by the Kenton County Fiscal Court. Recycling now runs off of a voucher program. Contact Kenton County Solid Waste for your voucher.


Boone County Cleanup Days

Boone County has discontinued cleanup days and now operates on a voucher system. Receive your voucher from Boone County Public Works (5645 Idlewild Road, Burlington). Restrictions apply.


Recycling Reduces The Need For Landfills

Recycling is important to Northern Kentucky because it reduces the need to find new land for landfills and dumps. By recycling we do lessen the impact on our current landfills. The current landfills used by our local waste companies are filling fast and no one wants to live next to a new landfill or dump. Inevitably, someone will but by recycling we can defer that process well into the future. With new technologies we can hope to repurpose waste in the current landfills and extend their useful life even longer.

Recycling Helps Reduce Pollution From The Manufacturing Process

Recycling can reduce and prevent new pollution from the manufacturing process. Recycling takes less effort, energy and resources to reprocess materials than to create again from raw materials.

Recycling Saves Energy

Recycling can save enormous amounts of energy by repurposing “trash” for like or similar items. For example, energy can be saved by recycling aluminum cans back into aluminum cans as opposed to starting the process from the beginning with the exploration and refining of aluminum ore.

Recycling Conserves Natural Resources

Recycling conserves natural resources by reducing the need for raw materials, minimizing energy consumption, and curbing environmental degradation. When items like paper, plastic, and metals are recycled, they're transformed into new products, diminishing the demand for virgin resources like trees, oil, and minerals. This process saves habitats, reduces pollution from extraction activities, and preserves biodiversity. By recycling, we ensure a sustainable future, protect ecosystems, and minimize the strain on Earth's finite resources, promoting a greener, more balanced planet for generations to come.


Recycling leads to sustainability. As the industrialized world and population centers grow so does the demand for modern products. Recycling will allow us to sustain our resources for future generations. Sustainability is the key to our children’s future.

Recycling is Fiscally Responsible

Recycling is financially smart. You can get paid for your trash. There are many companies in Northern Kentucky that will pay you for your recyclables. You can easily recycle aluminum cans, steel, copper, or glass to name a few for cash.



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